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The Bahrain Personal Trainers website is different in many ways. The website has been designed to serve a single purpose – to connect Personal Trainers in Bahrain with clients looking for personal training services in Bahrain. We don’t include annoying banner advertising or other distracting information. Instead we focus our attention on what’s important – your personal trainer profile.

This ‘targeted’ personal trainer listings method is reflected in the clean and professional look of the website making it easier and quicker to match a client with a personal trainer based on the client’s needs and personal training goals – all within a couple of clicks from the homepage.

The Bahrain Personal Trainers website really showcases your personal training profile in more detail. You’ll be proud to be part of The Bahrain Personal Trainers (BPT) website and the professional way it displays the personal trainer services you offer. Advanced search and filter options allow a potential client to match their needs with your services immediately – no time wasting.




Adding your business to a targeted directory increases the awareness of your personal training service. People like directories, they can find all the information they need in a single place. The Bahrain Personal Trainers directory only provides information on personal trainers – we don’t add distracting banner adds or information than is completely irrelevant, this allows a potential client to focus on your business.


The Bahrain Personal Trainers website is specifically targeted to people looking for personal trainers in Bahrain. We work hard to ensure our search engine optimisation practices are focused on providing the best resource when it comes to finding the right personal trainer. The website is for ‘personal trainers only’ this allow us to focus our attention on a single subject and work toward gaining the best possible exposure for our business and yours.


Each personal trainer listed in the website is showcased with as much information as possible on your own personal trainer profile page. Using this approach not only provides more information to a potential client but it also helps filter out clients and personal trainers who are not matched. This means you can be sure your time is not wasted by requests from potential clients who are clearly looking for something you don’t offer.

Personal trainers Listing price

Freelance Personal Trainer Price

BD 10.00 mo

First 2 Months Free

You have nothing to lose by adding your personal trainer profile to the leading The Bahrain Personal Trainers directory. Your personal trainer profile listing is created for free for the first 2 months and although we are confident you will want to renew there is no obligation to do so and you can cancel anytime.

Company Personal Trainer Price

Contact Us For Discount Information

If you are a personal training company in Bahrain and you want to list your personal trainers on the Bahrain’s leading personal trainer portal please get in touch. We do provide discounts for companies who list 3 or more personal trainers on the website.